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Global Campaign to Force Enquiry into Australian Report on Homeopathy July 21, 2017

Your patients' right to choose complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is under threat.

The majority of the world's population relies on and/or uses some form of CAM, with more than 200 million people using homeopathy to support their health.

That choice is now under threat, starting with Australia. The highly flawed, inaccurate and misleading Australian report on Homeopathy is being used as justification for regulatory changes which could restrict access to homeopathic medicines. If this happens, the precedent is set for other countries to follow suit, citing the Australian report as sufficient evidence.

Australians are uniting to protect their right to choose CAM via the 'Your Health Your Choice' campaign. By supporting this campaign you can protect your patients' right to choose too.

Join the 'Your Health, Your Choice' campaign now - it's easy: Register your support for the campaign at

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Your support is vital if future choice in healthcare is to be protected worldwide.

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