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About Scenar Pain Therapy #01

About Scenar Pain Therapy

Scenar treatment can help relieve pain more quickly and effectively than most other forms of therapy available today. It is holistic, and it is drug-free.
The SCENAR device is a very sophisticated piece of equipment that sends low-energy, electronic impulses via the skin to the brain. It then creates a "biofeedback dialogue" with the central nervous system, leading to internal balance and the re-establishment of homeostasis in the body. The scenar stimulates the nervous system to produce neuropeptides (nerve chemicals that are generally regarded as the most powerful of healing elements) in a response that is immediate and long-lasting. For more information about Scenar Therapy, CLICK HERE.
Scenar pain therapy can help with any kind of pain. It can help increase mobility in joints eg. in frozen shoulder, or after surgery. For most acute conditions, 1-3 treatments per week for 3-5 weeks is recommended.

Consultation fees:
Initial appointment (45 minutes) £50
Follow-up appointments (1/2 hour) £40

Patients say:

"I have a proplapsed disc which has caused me a lot of pain and severely restricted my movements.I had been using pain killers daily but was still in a lot of pain. Catie has used the Scenar machine along with homeopathic remedies over the summer. I will be honest I was little sceptical! However she has manged to control my pain so I have stopped taking pain killers, move with much less pain, and enjoyed my summer holidays.
I would highly recommend the scenar treatment- and do stick at it. It continues to work between sessions but it did take a few sessions for my body to respond fully."

"I have many allergies. Scenar treatment really helps reduce them."

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